How to buy a car from an auction in Japan?
In the section where the automobile catalog is presented, it is easy to choose an interesting version of the vehicle. We have access to auctions with a wide range of vehicles, including emergency vehicles, constructors. In addition to the brand, year of manufacture, final prices are indicated here, taking into account the current exchange rate, delivery, duties, warehouse, GLONASS, SBCTS. It is important that the purchase price of a car in Japan is indicative, it is formed during the auction depending on the current demand.
We provide an opportunity to buy a car online: without wasting time, effort, nerves.
1. To buy a car from a Japanese auction, just request a call.
2. The manager will contact you to clarify all the details of the purchase, the characteristics of the car and provide advice.
3. Then we will help you buy a car at a price that suits you.
4. After the conclusion of the contract and the payment of a security deposit, the car is purchased at an auction and transported to the port.
5. After the delivery of the car to Ussuriysk, we will help with import documents, payment of duties, customs clearance. We are ready to help with the delivery of transport to the final destination.

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