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Car under full duty
The cost of customs duty is affected by the “passing” or “not passing” is the car. What do the concepts of "passing" and "non-passing" model year mean?
Cars by customs types are divided into the following types (ages):

  • Issued less than 3 years ago (the duty depends on the volume of the internal combustion engine and the cost of the car);
  • Not younger than 3 not older than 5 years (duty depends on the volume of internal combustion engines);
  • Not younger than 5 not older than 7 years ago (the fee depends on the volume of the internal combustion engine, the cost of the car and horsepower);
  • Older than 7 years (the duty depends on the volume of the internal combustion engine)

At the moment, a “passing” car is a car that was released no earlier than a year ago and no later than three years ago.
The calculation of customs duties for each specific group is carried out on an individual basis. For example, the design of "pass-through" cars is cheaper than new and "pass-through" ones.
It should be noted that the duties on the "impassable" group of vehicles have a second name - "prohibitive".
One of the types of import of vehicles is "Cut". “Saw” is a method of importing foreign cars to your final destination in parts in order to minimize customs costs. In the customs declaration, not a full-fledged car will be declared, but a set of parts.
As a rule, cars are sawn in front or in the back. The body is cut along the roof pillars and along the floor in the passenger compartment, and the rear and windshields are also dismantled.
A feature of the "cut" is that nothing else is removed from the car, parts and assemblies remain in their places. The sawn parts are connected with special ties, which allows you to move the machine around the warehouse.

The "cuts" have their own characteristics:
  • It is very difficult to draw up a “cut” due to existing regulatory prohibitions;
  • loss of reliability and safety of a frameless vehicle;
  • the quality of all parts is not checked by the supplier and is accepted by the client as is;
  • a sawn body is not subject to registration with the traffic police;

But there are also advantages that make saw cuts so popular:

  • the possibility of acquiring a foreign car at a reduced price;
  • the possibility of profitable purchase of parts for your car;
  • profitable sale of auto parts for businessmen.

Cutting cost:
  • Passenger car - 550$
  • SUV, truck – 650$
Another way to import vehicles "under documents" is "Designer". The essence of the method is that in Japan, the engine is removed from the car and separated from the body.
A constructor from Japan is one of the ways to import cars to your final destination in order to reduce customs duties. When making a designer, the body remains intact.
A prerequisite for purchasing a designer is the presence of the same car. Documents (PTS) for the designer cannot be issued, in addition to this, there are other disadvantages:
  • danger of unreliable assembly;
  • the impossibility of subsequent sale of the assembled car at a decent price.
It should also be understood that a car imported by a designer or cut is not always legally registered with the traffic police and can bring certain problems.
But there are also pluses, why people often bring cars in this way:
  • reducing the cost of purchasing a foreign car;
  • low mileage and excellent condition;
  • the ability to find a suitable part for your car, if it is no longer produced.

Cutting cost:
  • Passenger car - 550$
  • Jeep, truck – 650$
Our company has access to all motorcycle auctions in Japan: BDS, JBA, etc. A motorcycle auction is a great opportunity to profitably buy a motorcycle from Japan. Advantages of Japanese motorcycle auctions:
  • actual mileage of the motorcycle;
  • detailed description of the condition of the motorcycle;
  • comments identified by an independent expert;
  • exact photos of the motorcycle.
Motorcycle catalog
You can choose a motorcycle on this page:

Special technics
Auctions in Japan sell special technics made for the domestic Japanese market, such special technics has proven itself in the world market and differs from its counterparts in high reliability, durability and unpretentiousness in operation.

Spare parts in containers 20F and 40F
If you are an auto parts business, then JSM-Japan welcomes you. We will help you find the necessary auto parts, calculate and deliver everything clearly and on time.
With us, you can buy a whole container of auto parts. One 40ft container contains 30 disassembled cars.
The average cost of dismantling a car:
  • Japanese car - 250$
  • Car "non-Japanese" - 300$
  • The cost of loading a container is 1,000$
Spare parts in retail
If your car breaks down or you want to improve it externally and technically, you can use the services of JSM-Japan. Write to us and our managers will find any spare part for you, whether it is an original or a Japanese replica.
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